brothers & sisters

Last Sunday evening, thirty-two new interns and staff members gathered in Colorado Springs, CO for a week of training before being sent across the globe. I can't lie and say I wasn't a bit on edge walking into everything... But WOW has the Lord shown up this week! Engineering Ministries International (eMi) is filled with passionate people intensely after the Lord’s heart. This past week was filled with sweet time getting to know the eMi staff and fellow newbies by collaborating mentally and spiritually through teachings, conversations & fun. eMi is humbly focused on serving in love and genuinely seeks to restore communities through design. How cool is that?! I walk away from this week even more excited to join with this ministry and serve alongside wherever I am needed.

A few take-a-ways from the week...

God is present and active. It is no coincidence this specific group of interns united together this week. God has orchestrated this team from day one and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of it. The different passions, skills & personalities that were seen, shared and loved fill my heart with great joy. These aren’t just twenty-five faces that I appreciated while we were together -- I see these people as dear brothers and sisters in Christ and I am PUMPED to see where the Lord leads them. I am blessed by their wisdom, laughter & fellowship over the past seven days. As we head across the globe today in all different directions, I ask that you pray for safety and a peace rooted deeply in Him as we enter unknown cultures.

I am uniquely made. This season of life has led to many questions rooted in uncertainty and frustration of what’s to come. This week, I was so sweetly reminded that I am created with a purpose. I have been given skills and passions by my Creator and they are not to be set aside. We are all members of one body - the body of Christ - but each have our own function we bring to the table. My passion for others and enthusiasm for design are sweet gifts and should be recognized as so. I ask for your prayers that I will continue to identify my unique design and recognize how I can use my skills each and every day.

I am called. Not only have I been made with great intention, but I am called to glorify the One who has my heart. I don’t know what the next five years looks like (or if we're being honest, the next six months..) but I do know that the Lord has brought me to eMi right now and this is exactly where He wants me to be. Isn't that something worth celebrating? That doesn't mean things will be carefree and easy -- God has not called us to a comfortable life. However, it does mean that in the uneasy moments, I can take comfort in Him. He is in the lead and I can put my full trust in Him. As I move into this new chapter, I ask that you pray for unexpected bumps in the road that will draw me closer to Him, the one who called me to live a life bravely after Him.

After a full day of travel, Jessica, Hazel and I arrived safely in Oxford and have spent the day settling in to our new home. We look forward to a week of getting to know the UK office and preparing for our upcoming project trip! Updates to come.

Again, thank you for sharing with me in this season of life! Your continued support is recognized and deeply appreciated. Keep it real, friends!



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